Systems Integration - Opportunities & Challenges

The following fragment of a strategic assessment for ‘OEM Variable Parts Pricing’ focuses on the first step: identifying the questions to pursue to uncover opportunities and challenges. With this partial sample, it is clear that alliance and integration plans are likely to benefit from strategic assessments.


Systems integration for parts is expanding at an unprecedented rate – the opportunities and challenges are numerous but not clearly defined. For DMS providers the questions to ask include: (i) which points of integration for parts will become essential (for example, mandated by automakers)? (ii) what are the components and information flows for parts integrations popular with dealers with and without large wholesale parts businesses?


For eCommerce solution providers the questions include: (i) what is the art of the possible for DMS integration (certified or not; real-time or not)? (ii) which OEM programs are open to integration by eCommerce solutions (such as ‘Conquest’ programs)? (iii) what other parts solutions that are dependent on parts order (and related) data and what are the potential synergies of collaborating? (iv) what integrations have parts eCommerce solutions implemented?


Above are a few issues and several questions – from select perspectives – to kick-off the process of identifying opportunities and challenges that may not be readily apparent. Engage with us to build out perspectives from other stakeholders, to identify additional questions, to clarify issues, undertake research and develop insights on mastering your challenges and opportunities.





September 2015