Strategic Assessments: Opportunities & Challenges

Strategic assessments of markets and product roadmaps are often essential to maximizing mid and long-term results. Ferreting out threats and opportunities arms a business to fight effectively to survive and, even, thrive. The day-to-day press of business keeps many industry stakeholders from productive strategic market research and product planning. Product and program investments then disappoint: too late barriers are revealed, alternatives (even competitors) are uncovered, users’ needs clarify unexpectedly and markets are discovered to have shifted. Delays, overruns and opportunities lost. Alternatively, stakeholders tread water – expending funds and resources to fend off unexpected challenges – as they see no opportunities to proactively pursue.


Failures to grow (or sustain) revenues and profits are at times blamed on the market for a solution: “it’s all been done … there is little demand for new capabilities, higher quality or boosted performance for our service-parts initiative.” Wrong. With a wider field of vision, a longer time horizon and new insights, stakeholders can uncover latent opportunities in most existing or planned solutions. And with superior strategic assessments, challenges to these initiatives can be found early (and so avoided or mitigated).


Below are several service-parts solution types that link to sample extracts of strategic assessments of service-parts solutions. These extracts focus on the initial step of identifying questions to flush out strategic opportunities and challenges. The samples demonstrate that: (i) a strategic assessment by Fellowes Research is likely to improve the odds of your success; (ii) all solution-types will yield insights from a strategic assessment by Fellowes Research.

Parts Catalogs


OEM Variable Pricing

Consolidated Billing

Systems Integration

Collision Repair


More topics coming soon.


Strategic assessments of markets and product roadmaps are an iterative process benefiting from the perspective of external experts.


When your organization is planning a new system, service or program for service-parts, can you afford to proceed without external expertise to reduce risks? Whether you are a DSP investing in a parts solution, an OEM that is defining a parts program, a shop system provider adding OE parts procurement, a systems provider considering integration: isn’t your investment worth protecting? Put an expert in your corner to review and provide advice – effectively and affordably.





September 2015