The Guide covers digital solutions, data and other IP (intellectual property) for use in:

◊ Markets: new OE service-parts supply and procurement within the ‘repair-chain’

◊ Industries: primarily automotive (also relevant to truck, heavy equipment and power sports)

◊ Geographic Range: primarily U.S. and Canada


The criteria for ‘digital solutions’ for the purposes of this Guide:

◊ For services, ‘digital solutions’ is used broadly (digital elements may be internal or dealer-facing)

◊ For products the Guide is more restrictive – including only those that are:

•  online

•  incorporate significant software

•  or integrate to other dealer (or OEM) systems


Service-parts are replacement parts (sometimes called ‘spare parts’) – the term does not directly cover: accessories, merchandise/gear specialty parts (performance/racing parts …) or shop supplies.


The Guide pays greatest attention to solutions that are broadly available in the market. Purely ‘captive’ solutions (solutions owned by a vehicle-manufacturer) are typically not available to other OEM’s or to their dealers and are covered briefly, if at all. (‘Captive’ is sometimes used to describe private-label or dedicated versions of a solution that is, effectively, broadly available – these private-label solutions are covered.) Coverage is limited for solutions that are announced but not yet rolled-out to the market.


Service-parts solutions that are solely available via a DMS are largely not covered. Service solutions (which often include significant service-parts content or functionality – for example, Service Menus) are selectively covered in Section III (Special Topics) – though not as a Solution-Type in Section I.


The ‘repair-chain’ consists of many stakeholders including:

◊ OEM vehicle-manufacturers (and their ship-direct partners)

◊ Franchised dealerships (including dealer groups)

◊ Repairers (dealer service departments, fleets, independent body shops, IRFs and consumers)

◊ Parts manufacturers, importers and distributors (new OE, AM, Recycled …)

◊ Systems providers:

•  Dealer systems providers – DSPs – including DMS, parts and service solutions

•  Systems providers to vehicle-manufacturers for solutions related to dealer parts logistics

•  Shop systems providers related to parts requirements, selection and procurement)

◊ Insurers (particularly for collision)

◊ Vehicle owners



August 2015