Section I: Types of digital solutions

Over a dozen distinct solution types (and sub-types) summarized and explained:

◊ eCommerce (four major classes)

◊ EPCs (Electronic Parts Catalogs)

◊ Wholesale Parts Marketing services

◊ Inventory Management

◊ Idle Liquidation

◊ Parts Locators

◊ Billing/Payment

◊ Order Referral

◊ Delivery Management


◊ Barcode Scanning

◊ Analytics


Charts of Solution Providers (for each Solution Type & Sub-Type)


Information Flow Diagrams – Sample


Section II: Providers of digital solutions

Over 50 Solution Providers with Individual Summaries


Additional solution providers listed (coming soon)


Section III: Special Topics (of strategic significance to OEM replacement parts)

◊ Legislation, Regulation & Litigation

◊ OEM Variable Parts Pricing

◊ Data Sources

◊ Collision-Repair Parts eCommerce: Benefits Chart

◊ Collision-Repair Online OEM Parts Solutions: 10 Scenarios with Information Flow

◊ Connected Car (Fixed Ops opportunities/challenges)

◊ DMS Integration for Parts Solutions

◊ Scrubbing – Automated Validation of Part # via SBoM Data (coming soon)

◊ ACES Parts Classification for Service-Parts Solutions (coming soon)

◊ Integration: eCommerce-to-eCommerce (coming soon)

◊ Trends & Innovations (coming soon)

◊ Parts Volumes by Markets (coming soon)

◊ Shop Solutions Overview (coming soon)






August 2015