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Service-Parts: Digital Solutions Guide

The Fellowes Research "Service-Parts: Digital Solutions Guide" is the only comprehensive source of published information on service-parts digital solutions (and data), the firms developing and marketing those solutions – as well as trends and emerging capabilities. 



◊ Section I: Types of Solutions

◊ Section II: Solution Providers

◊ Section III: Special Topics (Strategic Opportunities/Challenges)


Annual Subscription Deliverables

◊ Digital Copy (300-page pdf)

◊ Analysis of News and Events plus Guide Updates & Extensions

◊ Directed Research

◊ Consults


On-Hand & On-Demand

The Guide is a reference publication that – like an encyclopedia – is loaded with on-hand content to navigate or search now. The Guide is also the only comprehensive source of information on service parts IT/IP when none is readily available – including the Guide’s own published content. Subscribers may define a topic and request an overview and assessment. Within days, a preliminary draft will be shared with the requester for collaborative review and refinement. Then a final draft will be prepared and sent to the requester – later it will be added to the Guide’s Section III (Special Topics). What would be very expensive and time-consuming research is now neither.


For smaller inquires or those with a shorter fuse, Guide subscribers may utilize the ‘Consult’ service to e-mail (or call) with requests for clarification and amplification of the Guide’s content or a news event.


Click below for a clear explanation of the scope, the content and related services– as well as intended uses and users for the Guide.

Guide Overview

◊ Scope

◊ Content Overview

Content Listing (pdf - includes full Table-of-Contents)

◊ Services

◊ Users & Use Cases

◊ Comparison (to Solutions Report of previous years)

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September 2015