Parts Catalogs: Opportunities & Challenges

The following fragment of a strategic assessment for OEM parts catalogs focuses on the first step: identifying the questions and comparisons to pursue in order to uncover opportunities and challenges. With this partial sample, it is clear that even a mature and settled service-parts data set (such as a parts catalog) has room to grow and deliver greater value.


What will separate the next generation of automaker parts catalogs from today’s parts catalogs? One place to start: the shortcomings of OEM parts catalogs in comparison to AM catalogs. One such deficit is the absence of photos for individual parts – research shows that digital photos greatly aid online consumer purchases of parts. For automakers, adding digital photos of parts to the parts catalog is easier said than done: there are many implementation choices and challenges (so consider outside expert support). Another OEM parts catalog comparative deficit: alternate parts. Other questions to challenge a catalog planning team:


◊  What data can be added to aid dealers with shipping (by FedEx or UPS)?

◊  What can be added/changed to enable better viewing of catalogs on mobile devices?

◊  How can the parts catalog enable better/more linkage from service publications?


These are just a few of the many questions to ask – then answers must be sought and implementation options assessed. For more ideas on a better catalog, contact us – together we will make sure all the questions are asked and alternatives – inside and outside of the box – are considered.






September 2015