Comparison: Guide vs. Report

Readers of the Fellowes Research “Parts Solutions Reports” of past years (2010 to 2014) may wonder how the Guide differs (from the 2014 Report). Compared to the Report, the Guide is much larger in order to include more of the information you need, structured for easier use and information access as well as supplemented by a range of high-value services. Compared to a Report, the Guide has:

◊ More Content (300 pages vs. 100; 55 + DSPs vs. 20)

◊ Many information flow diagrams (vs. none)

◊ More Structure (less duplication and greater ease-of-use)

◊ Strategic assessments of “Special Topics” (vs. none)


The Report had no supplemental services, so each of the Guide’s services mark additional distinctions:

◊ Analysis of announcements or events

◊ Extensions to the Guide (Special Topics, DSPs covered, Solution Types)

◊ ‘Consults’ – same day clarifications or answers

◊ ‘Directed Research’ – assessments of topics defined by clients



August 2015