About Fellowes Research (FRGI)

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be the repair-chain's preferred source for information (strategic and tactical) about digital solutions (and enabling data) employed by dealers and automakers.


Our mission is to generate research publications for the “repair-chain” community describing, explaining and depicting: digital solutions, their providers and related strategic issues for automotive OE service-parts in North America.  By being both comprehensive and nearly on-demand ('Consults' & 'Directed Research'), our research publications will be uniquely and substantially useful to clients.


Why Fellowes Research?

At Fellowes Research, we follow, investigate and assess service-parts solutions from strategic and tactical perspectives. We spread the costs of discovering, researching, analyzing, assessing and reporting on our industry over many, so that our information and expertise are affordable.


While more than 100 firms generate service-parts data and/or develop digital solutions encompassing service-parts, few have the resources to stay current with developments in service-parts (including process innovations; data sources; legislation, regulation and litigation; applied technologies; alliances, integrations and acquisitions; major stakeholder initiatives and programs as well as other significant developments). For less than a 10th of the cost to employ a business or product analyst to focus on service-parts solutions, some of these industry participants (including, perhaps, yours), have a world-class expertise at hand from Fellowes Research.


Firms with staff that are experienced and knowledgeable in service-parts IT and IP use Fellowes Research as a force multiplier – bringing alternate perspectives, shining a light on unnoticed opportunities and threats, introducing insights from other solution types and other regions of the world as well as freeing clients’ associates to focus on other tasks.


Fellowes Research reduces risks and, potentially, costs for major service-parts initiatives – casting a light on hurdles that may not be clearly seen and identifying potential ways to overcome or mitigate uncovered obstacles. Fellowes Research believes that investments in service-parts IT and IP warrant validation – even one insight could result in savings which are orders of magnitude greater than our fees.


Fellowes Research specializes in strategic market assessments. If your service-parts solutions business has little apparent room for growth, leverage our expertise, experience and research to identify potential long-term sustainable growth opportunities – via the Guide, ‘Directed Research’ or consulting. To learn more:

Strategic Assessments

Research Publications

Consulting Services


At Fellowes Research we help you see our industry and your opportunities (& challenges) more clearly. We provide both a broad perspective and views through special lenses including:

Rise of DSP Consolidators

Transition to Connected Cars (coming soon)


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Fellowes Research Group was founded by Ted Fellowes to fill a need in both the Dealer Systems and the Service-Parts solutions spaces.

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October 2015